And here’s some more…..

This was supposed to be a normal picture frame. But then my hand slipped. Ended up breaking a delicate part of the eye socket, but I don't think that's visible with the skull glued in place. I really want to incorporate some text. The back will need some form of fabric cover and I'm really [...]

More felt

Someone get me some frames!! Also, I'm not quite done with these. They will be further embellished, oh yes. I have thread and I have beads. These will be even funkier when I'm done with them! The snapshots here aren't the best, can't pick up all the colors in the kitchen light. But they are [...]

Have an art dump!

Happy Easter, Blessed Ostara, Happy Pesach! Oh, I need a better shot of this pink one.  It's aggressively pretty, if I do say so!  Canvas board, tissue paper, a pouch a friend gave to the swap table at Christmas (thank you, Sel!), a flower, rhinestones, bottle, pendants, and all the glitter.  Just all of it. [...]

Finally started this!

I have hemmed and hawed, stopped and started for years.  I wanted to do something along these lines, but I never had a clear vision of how they should look.  But now I have just started to make them, and it's easy! What am I talking about? Books!  Specifically, itty-bitty books of my own poems. [...]