Have an art dump!

Happy Easter, Blessed Ostara, Happy Pesach! Oh, I need a better shot of this pink one.  It's aggressively pretty, if I do say so!  Canvas board, tissue paper, a pouch a friend gave to the swap table at Christmas (thank you, Sel!), a flower, rhinestones, bottle, pendants, and all the glitter.  Just all of it. [...]

Performing, Storming, and Norming – adventures in being creative women

“Write about the emotions you fear the most.” - Laurie Halse Anderson Performing..... We met for brunch today at  favorite pub.  After the drinks were ordered and the coffee stirred, we all started trading stories about what we're doing. She says that she's nervous over a class she's created.  From scratch!  A class!  This is [...]