Herbs and Oils: Education and Sources



  • Modern Botany for the Medievalist – Modern Botany is one of Sara Goslee’s pages.  She is “a scientist, weaver, and writer, not necessarily in that order”  I recommend you peek at this page for some basics in talking about plants themselves, especially scientific naming.  The more tools you have to discuss the natural world, the easier it is to sift through the cacophony of information online and in books.  Her sparse but helpful page on Medieval/Early Renaissance Herbals is here.

Magical, Commercial, Other

  • Using Essential Oils (Alchemy Works) – Yes, of course this is a page in his shop, but I like the fact that Harold (and his cats) took the time to write-up a common-sense guide to working with Essential Oils.
  • My own personal stock, with aromatherapeutic and magical uses – it’s a spreadsheet with several different filters for these philters (teehee).  Spreadsheets are *totes* witchy.   I promise.



Money No Money
Essential Oils/Fragrance Oils/Herbs
  1. Mountain rose Herbs
  2. Alchemy Works
  3. Aura Cacia
  4. get seeds and try your hand at gardening – even indoors
  1. Supermarket herbs or fresh herbs in olive oil (some places even have them fresh for cheap – can dry them at home)
  2. Kitchen spices simmering in a pan of water
  3. Fresh SAFELY IDENTIFIED herbs added to water bottle (eg rosemary, mint)
  4. ****learn to SAFELY forage**** this is labor-intensive, and relies on you having ~*~nature~*~ to access
Pretty jars, fancy bottles
  1. SKS Bottle and Packaging
  2. Papermart.com
  3. Your local craft store (decorate jars are prob not food safe, so be careful)
  1. Wash out those jelly and sauce jars! Also the spice jars. (for liquids)
  2. Sandwich or freezer bags (can also be washed out and reused after) – for solids/powders
  3. Scrub those takeout containers and reuse them – free tupperware!
  4. Scrub and save makeup/toiletry containers
  5. Water bottles – million uses!
Candles, burners, etc. (anything to get the scent/properties around you)
  1. Making beeswax candles
  2. Craft stores for “blanks”
  3. Wax tart warmers
  4. Oil burners
  5. Oil diffusers
  6. Candle warmers
  7. Aromatherapy pendants
  8. Pomanders
  1. Dollar store candles
  2. Dressing existing candles you can access
  3. Sachets, teabags, nondescript pieces of fabric to hide on your person/in your bag
  4. Press herbs in a book (do it in wax paper/paper towels to absorb moisture and avoid mildew/stinky books)
  5. Carefully open a teabag, add your own dried herb mix, do what you need to do magically, and staple it back up. If it’s one of those wrapped bags, re-seal that bag to keep it from bursting in your pocket or purse. It’s quite cheap and subtle: just makes you look like you have a loose tea bag