Year Wheel – Modern

This is my interpretation of the year wheel commonly used in modern pagan circles. I’ve divvied up the year into rough categories, thinking of the main action of each season (biased to my home hemisphere in the north!). Then I considered what the modern equivalents of these actions could be. Since most of us are no longer harvesting fields, we could perhaps harvest the outcomes of various projects done throughout the year. Instead of tending to livestock, one can tend to one’s cottage and tools (appliances, computers, etc) in a way that gels with the agrarian life that was this wheel’s inspiration.

I encourage you to add and modify these suggestions as you wish – these are just the rough guides I use personally. Just turn a fresh eye to what you’re doing in daily life, and try not to separate it too far from whatever spiritual practice you engage in. Cottage witchery is all about practicality, using what’s in arm’s reach, and adapting what you have to do what you need to.