Modern Cottage Witchery

Hello there!  I’m the “Lady Laz” behind this blog.  I’m probably best described as a secular witch at this point.  I do not subscribe to any tradition, though I do take a lot of inspiration from historical sources and American/Celtic influences.  I’m more Kitchen/Cottage oriented, preferring modest, domestic, and private practices to anything else.  If you want to share perspectives or as questions, feel free!

I do revere a small set of deities and demiurges, notably Brigid and Cernunnos.  I think of them more as names for good sets of ideas, or good things to espouse in life.  But this is mostly like the question of Hobbes’ nature in Calvin and Hobbes – don’t ask too many questions or you’ll ruin the magic!

Here are some notes and tips I’ve picked up during my journey.  Think of this more like a cyber-herbal, a techie housekeeping manual – basically a modern version of what people have been doing for generations.  Bear in mind this is an active document, so there is always more to add.


General Reference on history, relevant history, Celts by way of Ireland, deities, modern Paganism

Sigils for Public use (coming – need to fish out of Gdocs!)

This started out as admiring a lot of sigil work on Tumblr.  I wanted to do a more personal take on the idea of sigils, so I went far afield from the common alphabet-based designs.  I’ve tried to incorporate Ogham, calligraphy, and a little bit of plant life to make more rounded, organic forms.

Tech in the Cottage (coming soon!)
Ideas for incorporating the Bight Shiny Beepy Things into witchy life

The Modern Year Wheel

 This started as a way to house a small project I’d been up to: making a Year Wheel that makes sense to modern, non-agrarian lives.
Year Wheel Notes:
Since I know that mileage varies, I’ve added notes for recurring themes in my year wheel to make myself a bit clearer.  For instance, I know not everyone has their own place, so I’ve provided ideas for people sharing spaces as well as people with private flats/houses.  These are all basic, practical life-things that can enrich your spirituality if you’re looking to do that.  Symbolism counts!  If, like me, you are secular, then they are a nod to older traditions, a new take on what people have done for years.