About Me

This is pretty much me.

I write but I have no books at all, and you thus cannot purchase them anywhere, although you can certainly try.  If you succeed, please let me know just how far you bent reality.  So far, I have contributed nothing of value to this or any field, but you may find me entertaining.  I do write things, yes, and I put them in the blog periodically.  Now that life is more stable, I can devote some time and attention to that.  My brand is having no brand, so thus you will see the crunchiest of hippie crafts, the Steviest of Nicks witch stuff, and disgusting body horror and alienation.

Personally, I am inclined towards being and being into the following:

  • Pagan/Witch (Brigid and Cernunnos principally)
  • History (domestic and textile)
  • Crafts
  • Fiber Arts
  • Horror/Monsters/Scary things
  • 80s/90s vaporwave aesthetic, dead malls, empty cultural signifiers
  • Mauve and related colors
  • SPACE!
  • Obscure architectural fandoms
  • Art History
  • Queer culture and art
  • LGBTQ concerns
  • Research
  • Medieval/related eras
  • General chatter

@lazdamnit on Ravelry

@wildwomancraft on Instagram and the same on twitter