fiber arts

Adventures in overdyeing

When I first started spinning, my friend Deb gave me a ton of wool. Over the years, I’ve worked it almost all the way down into yarn. This is the last bag from that destash. I never really did anything with it. But I have a lot of dye leftover from doing eggs yesterday….and I don’t think the eggs have exhausted the dye…..hmmm. What would this look like overdyed?

First I “combed” (pulled apart by hand) the wool into an airy cloud, then I prepared the dyes.

I used blue raspberry and grape kool-aid to do purple and blue eggs yesterday. I got the idea in my head that the 2 fluids combined might result in a nice indigo blue. So I poured both into a vase and swirled…the pic above is the leftover I’ll use in a second test.

The other dye I made was a nice deep brown from red onion peels. This was pretty potent, so I just popped the wool in with a little more vinegar to be on the safe side. Bought both up to a simmer for a few minutes, and then back down to low. They’ve been cooking for about 50 mins now. Nothing struck after 30, so I figure I’ll probably just let them soak all day.

Luckily I have my two research assistants on the case!

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