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Have an art dump!

Happy Easter, Blessed Ostara, Happy Pesach!

Oh, I need a better shot of this pink one.  It’s aggressively pretty, if I do say so!  Canvas board, tissue paper, a pouch a friend gave to the swap table at Christmas (thank you, Sel!), a flower, rhinestones, bottle, pendants, and all the glitter.  Just all of it. When I’m done, this will be titled “Be The Witch You Needed”.  Now that I am older and (ehh?) wiser, I realized now that I am a person people turn to for help and advice.  I can influence lives at least a little bit. I also don’t have patience for nonsense anymore and I’m not as worried with impressing people.  I wish I had had that in my life as a young woman!  But maybe I can be that for others.  It’s so damn pink and sparkly because a) damn it, I feel like pink and sparkly and b) there is something to be said for “basic” femininity.  If the pink and the sparkles and the “potions” we used to mix as little children aren’t magic, then I don’t know what is.


This one wasn’t supposed to be anything but an experiment in form and texture than *boop* here comes a goddess! She’s made of everything but my kitchen sink: wool roving, angelina, thread, a cat pendant, a spool of thread (another Selin special), etc. etc. Made her a tiny spindle and spun her some yarn.  I feel like the spool is some sort of lantern for reasons best known to my subconscious.  When she’s fully done, she’ll need a name.  I ended up taking out the tails at the bottom of the canvas, as they made her look silly. 

This is a decommissioned pie plate (tried to thin paint in it and…yeah….never came clean).  So it’s now in progress as a decorative plate.  Swirled a ton of acrylic craft paint in there.  The edge will be something metallic, as will the outside – perhaps decoupaged?  Or leaf if I’m feeling like putting myself through that?  Regardless I’m going to need to seal that sucker with varnish.

This one is also in progress.  I felt like using some of the colors I have been obsessed with lately.  Then I got the idea to just make a bundle of roving.  The light aqua stuff is all acrylic – sold in Michaels as super bulky yarn but we all know what it is *conspiratorial spinner wink*.

Added purple cotton roving to it (delicate stuff) as well as what I think is bamboo (green and gold), gold dyed locks, and some merino? for that teal fluffy bit in the center.  And of course angelina because I have to. The bundle is held together with some acrylic I had crocheted into a chain (though one can’t really tell anymore that it’s worked).  All of it’s hot glued into place and floofed out.  I need something else for it but I don’t know what yet.  Also, I have significant amounts of all of that left over and boy howdy am I going to have fun working it into a piece.  I wish it could felt.  Maybe I can find a color dupe for that acrylic and cotton in some nice wool.  the rest will…be….spun!  That palette is just everything right now.

Finally, a felt! Well sort of. This was supposed to go on the canvas that spinning goddess is on but whoops a daisy! The colors weren’t jiving well so i just made it a panel by itself. It’s slightly better than my first attempts. Perhaps it can just be framed by itself? Or I’ll add beaded dangles to the bottom. As if I can resist doing that.

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