Oh the felt with it all…

So I’m taking UrbanGypZ’s Wool dreads class and I have been having fun! I don’t have the room to make full sized ones like she does, but one day….in the meantime, I have made itty bitty ones that are going directly into woven pieces. I am going to have to get into felt now. I can feel it! I am looking more and more at mixed media fiber pieces and I am feeling called!

Above you can see my wee little fiber noodles. And some “panels” that I made by hand when I got tired of rolling. Also, I had to make some beads (on the right). The “panels” will get mounted on canvas/frames and the beads will be used as such.

I’ve looked a bit at Nuno felting, but I don’t know if I have the space for proper full length pieces. Apartment life doesn’t really let me spread my wings with regards to learning new media. But the basics of felting are quite easy to pick up. Soap, water, and rub, rub, rub….it’s a small investment for a pretty big payoff.

This will also help me keep my wool collection to as dull a roar as I can manage. There’s a lot in the stash, but I still need to keep some space in the flat – I can’t go fully nuts the way I want to. I actually can’t operate artistically when things are too cluttered so I have to be prudent. Felting will allow me to get larger amounts of wool into products. At some point, one has to make stuff with supplies otherwise it’s just hoarding. And hoarded wool will felt anyway so I may as well have control over the process.

I really liked doing something different. My heart belongs to spinning and weaving (despite glacial progress) but I don’t mind adding something new to complement these existing crafts.

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