Work in Progress: Princess

This is an excerpt from a short story I have been barreling along with.  It needs a few readers, but I think I’m on to something here. 

“Michael, I’m pregnant”.  

He gasped, taking in a little bit of saliva, and started to choke.  Calming himself, he stood up and tried to put his hands on Delores’ belly.  She cried out, flinched and blocked him, pushing his hands away, bending down where she stood, covering her belly. She lifted her head and looked at him with swimming black eyes “what am I going to do, Michael?  How am I going to feed this baby?”

“Delores, baby, it’s ok….it’s ok” He grasped her shoulders gently as she sobbed, almost folding over on herself.  “No, no sweetheart,” he pulled her close, “it’s ok. It’ll be alright. It’s still early. We can take care of this.”

“You don’t understand, she sobbed, “you don’t understand!”.

“I do, honey!  I do understand.  He tried to hold her close.  “You know I love you, but we have to take care of this.  I know a guy the next county over, I was in the service with him.  It’s gonna be alright, baby.”

“NO!” She yelled and whipped away.  “You don’t understand – how will I feed this?” She sobbed, elongating the sibilant s at the end of the word “this”.    

Michael’s heart broke.  He watched her cry. She must be terrified.  She didn’t seem to have family. She was well liked but always an outsider in Warrick.  Her shoulders shook, and she sobbed openly, tears mixing with saliva from the corners of her mouth.  “Who’s going to help me with this?” She sobbed in mid-word, dragging out the final “s” again into a buzzing sound.

Then she opened the robe more to show a small but visible swelling on her stomach.  Something moved in there. A mass inside of her body distended the pale skin, something rigid and undulating.   Delores bent over again, her thin arms not completely covering the alien, pulsating movement. “My baby has to eat” she whimpered “who’s going to feed us?”  She looked right into his eyes, an inhuman vibrating buzz coming out of her throat with every “s”.

“Jesus Mary and Joseph,” Mike jumped backwards, falling onto the bed. He didn’t know much about women, but he did a lot of reading on babies when Teresa got knocked up and no baby moved like that.  “Delores, what in hell is that? What’s wrong with you?”


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