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Finally started this!

I have hemmed and hawed, stopped and started for years.  I wanted to do something along these lines, but I never had a clear vision of how they should look.  But now I have just started to make them, and it’s easy!

What am I talking about? Books!  Specifically, itty-bitty books of my own poems. I have no connections for publishing, nor any idea where my work would fit, so I decided that I’d do it myself. And I wanted to combine art and writing to create artifacts rather than printouts.

So here we are 🙂



I have one special one for the Muse of poetry, Erato. That is the one in leather.  The front cover has a hand woven panel, and is hand stitched (with some glue to shore it up).  The paper page is handmade too, recycled from scrap.  And it’s hand lettered.

The second one, with the green edges, is just a thin cardstock handlettered and sewn together.  The green stripe is watercolor.  I may add more, but I like how the green turned out and I really don’t want to mess it up – less is more!

I have another plain one waiting, but this I may actually “weave” on with some super fine handspun, as the poem is called “Warp and Weft”.c


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